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Fulani Herdsmen — Buhari Promises To Stop The Attacks

Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has promised to bring an end to the attacks by the Fulani herdsmen across the country as  security forces have been arranged to the defenseless areas across the nation.

President Buhari made this statement on Monday in Abuja, while talking to the Board of Directors of the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) at the State House, says Femi Adesina, Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity.
President Buhari

The President said the unfortunate series of incidents, which had resulted in loss of lives and properties, had already brought sorrow and hardship on many Nigerians, and the government is deeply affected by this.
   He says that the initial economic challenge caused by the recession is decreasing gradually, with the economy smarting out and bringing better results on falling inflation rates, higher foreign reserve and better ranking on ease of doing business.

The President, however, stressed that his administration remains determined and focused on delivering on the three-pronged promises of securing the lives and properties of the people, stoping the looting of the economy by corrupt officials, and creating employment opportunities for Nigerian youths.

“If you look critically into the 2018 budget, we have already taken into account key issues of more stable electricity, construction of roads and rails, and the airport concession’’ President Buhari said.

He also gave an assurance that the government will work harder to speed up  production from the Nigerian sectors including agriculture , power, gas, manufacturing and processing, and commends the Chinese government for its assistance in improving infrastructure in Nigeria.

“We send our gratitude to the Chinese for all their support to Nigeria. Since Independence, no country has helped our country on infrastructural development like the Chinese. In some projects, the Chinese help us with 85 per cent payment, and soft loans that span 20 years. No country has done that for us,’’ President Buhari said.

The President continues by saying that the government will continue to strengthen its relationship with the NESG, especially in integrating its recommendations into policies that will improve the livelihood of all Nigerians.

Also speaking regarding the issue was the chairman of the NESG Board of Directors, Kyari Abba Bukar, commended the government for the “pragmatic approach’’ in engaging with citizens of the Niger Delta region which had caused the steady rise in oil production.

“Your Excellency, we salute your courage in providing support to the states that have had fiscal challenges. We recognise that without the intervention of the Presidency, many state governments would have been unable to pay salaries last year,’’ Bukar stated.

Bukar continues by commenting on the outlook of the economy, it remaining upwardly positive and projecting a 3.5 per cent GDP growth, and urged the President to pay more attention on the attacks by the herdsmen, which could drop down the gains made in the agricultural sector.