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NAS Requests $1 million Lawsuit Filed Against Him By M.I Abaga Be Dropped

Nasir Bin Olu Dara Jones, also known as NAS, an American rapper, requested that Chocolate City’s case against him be dropped.

The Nigerian rapper Jude Abaga popularly known as M.I filed a $1 million lawsuit against him, claiming that NAS did not fulfill his side of the $50,000 deal for the verse of a song in 2013, which ought to be delivered to Chocolate City.
 And M.I also claims that the money was not refunded.

NAS verse ought to include these lines, “M.I, Chocolate City, Nigeria, Queens, New York, Mandela, Trayvon Martin and the struggles of Africans and African Americans.”

But NAS claims that he actually sent it and sent it over and it not getting to them was due to the negligence of third parties hence requested for dismissal of the case.

However, M.I, the owner of Chocolate City still insists that he never received the verse where those lines were mentioned. He says that NAS actually sent a verse but it excluded those lines making him request for another to which he agreed. But no response from him since then.