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Nigeria —Panic As Dana Airplane Door Falls Off Mistakenly

A Nigerian airline has blamed  travelers after one of its airplane door fell off on landing. The plane had taken off in Lagos and experienced this mishap on landing in Abuja
Dana Airplane Door

The airline, Dana Air, says it is unimaginable for a door to tumble off on its own "without a deliberate exertion by a traveler to open it".
Dana Airplane Door

Reports of management failure started to go round yesterday after some persons tweeted it online.

Be that as it may, a Dana Air representative said there was no chance it could have been shaken as, "when an aircraft is airborne, it is completely pressurized".

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Also, the airline management stated that it had been investigated by engineers and a Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Team and "no issue was accounted for".

The representative included: "The [return] flight was only delayed for eight minutes as we needed to demonstrate to the regulators that the safety and comfort of our guests is at the centre of our operations.”