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Kenya— High Court Might Consider Legalizing Homosexuality

Kenyan law currently prohibits homosexuality, which is with 14 years in prison to those found guilty.

  In 2014 parliamentary report stated that between 2010 to 2014 alone, the Kenyan government prosecuted 595 homosexual cases. While In 2016, Kenyan courts ruled that forced anal testing of men was constitutional, and could be used as evidence in court trial of men accused of homosexuality.

However, a case in Kenya's High Court may lighten the weight of homosexuality in the nation.

The case was opened on Friday in the Nairobi high courtroom. Due to the large crowd, The judges had to change to a different room in order to accommodate the crowd.

Amnesty International says that it s a significant step in East Africa where homosexuality is not legalized, and it is among the 38 countries in the continent in which homosexuality is not legalized.

"The fact that we are being heard is an indicator that our democracy has come of age," said Eric Gitari, a Harvard-educated lawyer and founder of the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, one of the organizations which brought the case forward.

"The judges know the entire world is watching," Gitari said.

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"We are hopeful, the judgement is going to give guidance to countries across Africa. It's going to encourage activists in so many African countries, it's going create a ripple effect."

"A positive ruling would affirm that same-gender loving Kenyans are just as deserving of equality, privacy and dignity as anyone else," he says.