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Nigeria — Women Travelling to Europe Threatened With Death And Forced Into Prostitution

The European Association's Law Enforcement Agency said on Thursday that sixteen Nigerian ladies were rescued after after they were threatened with death and deceived to fill in as prostitutes as an end-result of travel to Spain.
Human trafficking in Europe

Guaranteed of a better life in Spain, the 16 ladies were moved from Nigeria to Libya, then from that point to Italy through the ocean, and from that point into Spain, Europol said.

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Europol stated that eleven individuals were captured in Zaragoza, Spain, regarding the trafficking plot, and that their criminal system worked mostly in Spain, Italy, Germany and Denmark.

The ladies are an evidence of the current rush of Nigerians who have made departure for Europe from Benin City. Because poverty, and traditional witchcraft, deprive many from opportunities, they had to take the risk despite facing a high probability of exploitation.

"Once on the Spanish territory they were handed over to a madam and forced into prostitution until they paid off their debt," the agency continues.

The ladies likewise were forced under voodoo threat to promise to pay for their transport and not to report their exploiters or to the police, Europol said.

This method, used by criminal organizations with women from Western Africa, aims to control women under threat of death for them or their family members if they do not comply with that commitment," the agency said.

At times, traffickers can control their victims, utilizing telephone contact alone, Europol said. 

The rate of potential sex-trafficking victims arriving in Italy via ocean has expanded with 600% since 2014, with the larger part of victims from Nigeria, as estimated by the International Organization for Migration July's report.

80% of all ladies and young ladies travelling from Nigeria to Europe are potential casualties of trafficking for sexual misuse, says the group, taking note of that abuse of more youthful young ladies has been on the rise.

Please share this information. Let's put an end to this inhuman act.