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Nigeria — Excessive Food Seasonings And Alternative Drugs Can Lead To Chronic Kidney Disease, Expert Says

Longjohn Adonye, a nephrologist and senior registrar in the department of nephrology, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi- Araba, Nigeria, has warned against too much use of food seasonings, salt, and alternative drugs stating that it can cause kidney disease.

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“Kidney disease is a big problem, regardless of gender, and is also very difficult to manage, which is the eighth leading cause of death in women,” he said, when interviewed by NAN on March 8, 2018, the date fixed as the World Kidney Day.

Alternative drugs do not have proper prescription, giving room for misuse, he said.
Some of the constituents of these alternative drugs can keep your kidneys from working the way they should.

“According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the prevalent of kidney diseases in Nigeria is 11 percent, which means one person out of nine people, has a chance of getting kidney problem,” he adds.

“The main focus on women this year is because women are prone to chronic kidney disease. They easily get infected during childbirth which may affect their kidneys.”

“The major risk factors of kidney diseases are hypertension, chronic infection, diabetes, obesity, among others.”

He urged the Federal government to increase awareness of this problem nationwide.
“There should be an awareness, timely diagnosis and proper follow up of chronic kidney disease in pregnancy,” Adonye says.

“Chronic kidney disease can be prevented by going for regular checkup and screening, especially women.”

He urged people to drink plenty of water always, because it promotes kidney function.

“This is the main reason we encourage people to always maintain healthy lifestyle by jogging, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and reducing intake of salt and seasonings,” he stated.