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Former Watford Striker Odion Ighalo Encourages Other Players To Consider Playing In China

Odion Ighalo, former Watford striker in an interview with BBC Sport said that he is surprised by the quality of football in China and encourages other players to move to the China football league.

Odion Ighalo

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 “If the opportunity jumps on them and they think properly about it, they should go because it’s an opportunity to make some money, play in Asia and to experience the life and culture there.

“Moving from England to China is a different life, the time difference, the way they live, the food, so it’s totally different from what I had experienced but for me it’s normal.

“Every country you go to play, you experience different and new things. I have played in six countries so it’s not new to me.”

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“Before I went there, people were saying the level of the Chinese League is very low and you are going to score a lot of goals.

“When I got there I saw a different football game. There are a lot of foreign coaches and foreign players improving the league and the league is getting tougher and stronger.

“Football in China is still growing. I have played a season and this is my second season. I am enjoying the life there and the football.

“When I went there I was expecting a lower class of the league but when I arrived I saw how tough it is and said this is not what I had heard about.

“This is not what people were talking about. It’s tough and it’s difficult to score goals,” said Ighalo.

The 28-year-old striker joined the Chinese League Changchun Yatai, for £20m in 2017.