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Nigeria— Lawyers Storm Out Of Lagos House Of Assembly In Anger Over Land Use Charge Law

The Lagos State House Of Assembly arranged a hearing following the debate from different groups after the land use charge law 2018 were amended.

The Chairman of Nigerian Bar Association, Ogunlana Adesina, requested the hearing to be postponed, stating this as his reason;

“We can’t make any meaningful inputs into a law that that has not been made available to us. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well”.

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However, speaker of the house of assembly Mudashiru Obasa, disagreed with Adesina's reason stating that these issues were not new; the public has been aware of it for couple of weeks now.

He also added that just 8 out of the 36 sections of the land use charge law were billed for amendment, so no need for postponing the hearing.

Obasa also asked for memoranda from the public and stated that it should be submitted to the house of assembly committee for it to be considered on a tow-week period

Lagos commissioner of finance, Akinyemj Ashade, talked about the executive having proposed a general relief rate of 50%, up from the 40% of old.”

“Other reliefs included the charge rate for commercial properties which had been reduced to 0.45% (from 0.76%) while industrial charge rate had also been reduced to 0.230%,” he said to the house.

Although Adeshina and members of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) present at the hearing walked out as Obasa ruled against their request, other groups from the private sector which included the Estate Agent’s Association and resident’s associations stayed, thereby making the hearing the most populated in the Nigerian national assembly history.