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South Africa—Uber Drivers Can Now Receive Tips, Uber’s New Feature

Uber revealed that riders in South Africa can now offer tips to their driver-partners.  This announcement was made on March 27, 2018. Now riders can be able to issue a to to their driver-partner at the end of every trip.

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General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, Alon Lits, says this regarding the new innovation;

 “Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of drivers asking us to roll out an in-app tipping function, so their clients can more easily reward great service and the act of going above and beyond what’s expected. Improving the driving experience has been a key priority for us over the last year. We’re excited to roll out this new feature as a continuation of this effort and make the app work best for over 13 000 drivers in South Africa.”

“We believe this will make a huge difference in the driver-partners lives and will ensure they continue to have a positive experience with the Uber app,” he adds.

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How to tip your driver-partner.

Firstly, download the latest version of Uber app. If you already have, update to the latest version.
Next, after rating your trip, add a tip. You can select from the options or create a custom amount. Once you click Done, the tip is sent. Drivers can be able to accept the tips if they opt in.

Note that Uber does not receive service fees.
The tip service will soon be available on Uber Eats.