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30 Chibok Girls Still Alive— Ahmad Salkida

Mr Ahmad Salkida, the only journalist that has connection from the Boko Haram terrorist group, has confirmed that 30 Chibok girls are still alive.  This disagrees with the information that just 15 of the girls are alive, as revealed by some news men.

Thirty Chibok girls alive

He said in a tweet.

The objectives of my earlier tweets marking the 4 yr anniversary of the abduction of the #Chibokgirls included, one, stir debate. Two, compel Govt and the insurgents to come clean with whatever info they have. Three, ensure the parents have current and accurate information.

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Indeed, the anniversary tweets have accomplished the objectives it was set out to achieve.
Number one, the media, locally and internationally feasted on the tweets, commentators have analysed the issues I raised, so that's the debate. The debate is still ongoing.

Number two objectives was to compel Govt & BH to speak. The Govt is still unnecessarily defensive; I will come to that later. BH just responded in a manner that bares all the info concerning the status of the #Chibokgirls & the basis of my tweets is to highlight their response.

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The Federal Government has questioned Salkida regarding this new information. But Salkida says the government still remains defensive, and he challenged them to their defensive claim, by asking for video proof of the 15 girls claimed to be alive.

"It is most disappointing that government in its might and given the machinery available to it, peremptorily declared to the public that it lacks institutional memory regarding the processes of the Chibokgirls,” says Salkida.