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#BBNaija Day 70— Food Fights Continue, Khloe As Culprit, Rico Evicted

After having much fun and displaying unity in the party, the food fights started again, after coming back.

Alex said that she being quiet for a long time on situations involving wastage of food doe not mean that she has nothing to say. She told Tobi that since they have been back they have been wasting food which isn't ok. However Anto in her defence said that she has no business fighting for food.

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Alex words however, affected Rico Swavey the most. He spoke his mind, stating how sad he was because he's among those who loves cooking in the house.

Cee-C and Tobi told encouraged him to let the issue go, since he's not the first person to be talked about behind his back, with Tobi also pointing to Khloe, the Head of House as the main culprit.

Rico Swavey is the latest Housemate to have been evicted from the House.
When called by the show's presenter Ebuka, he took the news without any emotional breakdown. Video footage of last nominations was a blow to him upon finding out that Anto and Alex where the ones that put him up for eviction.

Rico when interviewed, talks about his plans after leaving the House.

Rico Swavey Evicted #bbnaija

“I will pay attention to music, make a lot of money and tell people my story through music. I have also come to love acting, I will be putting more energy to achieve more. I also will like to start a restaurant, though will not be doing the cooking myself but will breeze in occasionally to do one or two things for people,” he says.