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Facebook Partners With Digify To Launch Online Safety Program For Youths

Facebook announced on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, a new dedicated online safety program for young people in partnership with Digify Africa.

Emilar Gandhi, Digify Africa
Emilar Gandhi, Public Policy Manager for the SADC region on Facebook
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With the goal of training 1,000 South Africans between the ages of 13 and 18 in high schools and youth groups across the country, the program will challenge students to understand how they can stay safe online, provide practical advice and guidance, and create youth ambassadors to provide peer support.

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Titled Ilizwe Lam-Xhosa for 'My World', the launch of this program underscores Facebook's ongoing local commitment to the safety and education of young people.

Created in consultation with youth groups, the dedicated online safety curriculum will feature interactive and engaging learning modules that will provide tips on how to make the most of online opportunities while protecting yourself from problems such as scams and harassment.

Emilar Gandhi, Public Policy Manager for the SADC region on Facebook, says this regarding this innovation;

"The Internet is a gateway to a world of economic opportunities, educational opportunities, fun and friendships for many young South Africans.” "But it's also important that they learn how to protect their personal information and safeguard themselves online." Raising awareness and ensuring that young people feel empowered is important and something we are committed to. That's why I'm proud to launch Ilizwe Lam to be part of the work that Facebook is already doing in South Africa. "

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The training program will include modules with content such as:
Caring for your fingerprint and managing your privacy online.

What to do when you find inappropriate content or behavior on social networks.

How to decide what you share online
What to do when you share something online that you regret.

Deal with cyberbullying, harassment and scams.

Examples of young digital scammers who expand their studies and careers by accessing content and making online connections.

"The digital economy is growing rapidly in Africa, opening up a world of opportunities for young South Africans to connect with content, other people and create sustainable livelihoods for themselves.” "We are very proud to have co-created this program with young South Africans, so they can safely access all the resources of the universe online,” says Qhakaza Mthembu, Head of Strategy at Digify Africa.

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