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How To Prepare Achu And Yellow Soup

Achu is the traditional food of most villages in Northern Cameroon. It is served with achu yellow soup, which is referred to as “sauce jaune” in French.

African Dishes, Achu Soup
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Ingredients And Preparation

Recipe for Achu.

Cocoyams, quantity depends

How to prepare it

Peel and wash cocoyam very well.
Put in a pot, add a good quality of water and leave it to boil for 20 minutes.

Pound the cocoyams using a wooden mortar. Add little water while pounding until the mixture is smooth. Note that an electric pounder might not pound it smoothly.

Alternatively, you can use pounded yam flour, or cocoyam flour.

Serve hot with green or yellow achu soup

Yellow Achu Soup

Palm oil
Meat or fish, preferably dried.
2 teaspoons of baking soda or a little piece of limestone
Salt and pepper to taste.

Achu soup spices. You can get this from African markets.

How it is prepared.

Cut and wash meat or dried thoroughly and season with salt.
 Put the meat or fish in a pot, add water and leave to boil.

Rinse and grind pepper, and other spices, keep them separately.

 Heat red palm oil until it's very hot, but not bleached

Put baking soda in hot red palm oil and stir

Pour grinded ingredients into the hot red palm oil and add little grinded limestone or baking soda, and mix until soup is foamy. Then add the meat of fish stock and stir for some minutes

 Serve hot with your achu.

You can preserve your achu soup by rewarming. Add a little water anytime you want to rewarm the soup.