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Malaria— FG Can Save $300 Million If Citizens Keep To Sanitation And Good Hygiene — EHOAN

The Environmental Health Officers Association of Nigeria (EHOAN) made a statement in Lagos on Friday stating that the Federal government can save the $300 million budgeted in getting rid of malaria, if citizens keep to proper sanitation and good personal hygiene.

Mr Samuel Akkngbehin, National President of EHOAN, said this when interviewed by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

”It was in the news few days ago that the Federal Government earmarked $300 million for elimination of malaria.
”Such money should be used for other capital projects because environmental health – sanitation and personal hygiene – is capable of reducing the burden of malaria.

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Every individual, every government should embrace it because what you throw to the environment, the environment will throw back at you,” he said.
He continued by stating that there is a link between environmental waste and malaria, hence, the need for environmental sanitation and personal hygiene.

He articulated that when waste which can retain water such as waste comprises miscellaneous articles and rubbish, bottles,  it would breed malaria, noting that malaria-causing mosquitoes – female anopheles mosquitoes – developed rapidly in such a condition.

”Apart from water retaining items, refuse blocking our drains also results in stagnant water. When that happens, it produces a veritable avenue for breeding of mosquitoes, and these mosquitoes will transmit malaria to man.”

“Malaria can be kept in line through effective environmental sanitation.
“If our water bodies are made free-flowing, the vector which is mosquito will not breed there, and when the vector is done away with or reduced drastically, it translates to reduction of malaria and malaria burden.
”If living rooms or houses are spread with net in the windows, mosquitoes will be prevented from coming in touch with human blood.”

”It is the duty of every individual to make sure that water does not stagnate in his premises.
”People should fill up lowline portions of their compounds to ensure that drainage systems are flowing free.

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”People should make sure that wells are covered and that refuse within the compounds are closed in a tight-fitting receptacle to avoid breeding of mosquitoes so that, together, we can chase malaria out,” he concluded.

Here is a summary of points by EHOAN President on how to prevent malaria.

Maintain a clean environment at all times. Clear your surroundings of waste products.

Use insecticides and mosquito repellents.

 Use insecticide-treated mosquito nets to prevent mosquitoes from having contact with your skin.

Trim down flowers at home regularly.

Remove plants that can retain water such as cocoyams, bananas and plantains. Mosquitoes can breed there.