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Oyo State Government Mourns, Michael Adeyemo, Declares 3-Day Mourning

Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, announced that the State Government has issued a mourning period which will last from April 30 to May 2, in honour of Michael  Adeyemo, Speaker of the State Assembly.

Michael Adeyemo Is Dead
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Michael Adeyemo, who died from illness on Friday morning, was considered a great man, and his death brought a tragic loss to the people, stated the government of the state.

The governor in a statement expressed his condolences.

 “I received the news of the untimely passage of my brother, friend and dependable political ally, with grief and utter shock, this morning (Friday).

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“He was a fine gentleman and bridge builder, who was committed to the development and progress of the state. His death has left a gaping void that will be difficult to fill,” he said.
“The governor expressed sadness that death had again taken away one of the brightest, dutiful and committed political leaders in the state, who had used his sagacity in piloting the affairs of the Assembly without rancour.

“As the leader of the legislative arm of government, with members from different political parties, the governor said that Mr Adeyemo ensured that the relationship with the Executive was very robust.

“He was an energetic young man that was always prepared to sacrifice his time, expertise and resources to ensure that the relationship between the Executive and Legislature did not break down at any time, no matter how thorny the issue might be. He was my bridge builder.

“Political leaders from Ibarapa zone deferred to him because of his candour, gentleness, respect and his amiable disposition to all, young and old. He was a rallying point for the Assembly leaders, who held him in high esteem because of his unassuming nature.

“My thoughts and prayers are with his family, honourable members of the House of Assembly, his political associates, friends and loved ones. This is a loss too sudden and tragic for me to bear. My prayer is that his very gentle soul should continue to rest in peace. I will sorely miss him.”