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Wizkid Absence At Coachella Causes Verbal Fight On Twitter

Popular Nigerian Musician, Wizkid recently became a trend for gossip and criticism due to his absence at the Coachella Festival in California.

Wizkid misses Coachella

Although he was expected to perform on stage, he failed to attend due to some issues at the embassy.

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Regarding the issue, Coachella tweeted, saying that Wizkid would perform next week though he couldn't make it this week.

However to some persons, Wizkid not being able to attend makes him a weak and local musician. Here are some tweets.

Wizkid coming up with excuses these days: Passport renewal got delayed, visa issues, feeling sick, trying to catch his breathe, the loud he smoked was too bad he can’t rehearse .... Davido is always catching flights and turning up! Talent is great, but hardwork cuts the Cheque!

Shouldn't wizkid and his band have prepared for Coachella a month before and arrived at Coachella at least a week before it. After all he would have been paid. Wizkid has got some many faults on his part for this. Next time he should do better.

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But trust the die hard fans of Nigeria's Starboy. They love and understand Wizkid, always speaking in his defence. Here are some tweets Africa's Journal gathered.

Coachella and other international show promoters understand why wizkid couldn't make it but you that can barely fly from Lagos to Ibadan is complaining...#Olofofo

He's our only starboy, we have to pamper him

Bashing Wizkid over the #Coachella fiasco is understandable but saying he's not hardworking is totally uncalled-for. Mans being balling at the top for 7years and almost singlehandedly took Ojuelegba to the World.
If that's not hardwork, pls tell me what is.

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Saying Wizkid is lazy is weak. Boi had nothing, no rich parents, no money, no connects. Just talent and will, he turned all that into getting booked to perform on the same night as Beyonce. You don't achieve that by being lazy in the music industry. Sit your hurt asses down.

So that's fight back from Wizkid fans. What do you think? Please comment below.