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Zimbabwe's Government Fires All Striking Nurses

Zimbabwe's President Mnangagwa has given approval for dismissing all the nurses who refused to call off a strike action even though their demands were met by the government.

Zimbabwe's nurses fired

Following the dismissal, the Health Services Board (HSB), immediately followed an order by the government to employ trained nurses, including those without jobs, and also newly retired ones

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In a statement yesterday, Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Retired), in his capacity as the supervisor of the Social Services Cluster, said the behaviour by the nurses was politically-motivated.

"Against a background of a series of meetings involving Government, the Health Services Board and the Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA), which were meant to resolve the industrial action by nursing staff in the public health sector and the subsequent decision by Government yesterday to accede to the demands made by the striking nurses, Government regrets to note that the industrial action in this essential service sector has persisted."

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"What makes the whole action (by nurses) both deplorable and reprehensible is the fact that as agreed yesterday, Government released and transferred a sum of $17 114 446 into the account of the Ministry of Health and Child Care for on-payment to the striking nurses.

"While this demonstrated good faith on the part of Government, the prompt transfers which have been effected against demonstrable economic challenges facing our nation has not, quite surprisingly, persuaded the striking nurses to go back to their work stations in the interest of saving lives and helping hapless patients placed under their care," stated Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, supervisor of the Social Services Cluster.