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Lagos State— More Than 2,000 Pregnant Women Tested Positive For HIV

The Lagos state government has revealed that at least 2,131 pregnant women have been tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), while 3,876 children have been placed on antiretroviral therapy in the last year.

Pregnant women with HIV in Lagos State

Health Commissioner Jide Idris explained that the $ 9.6 million donation from donor agencies has contributed to the AIDS Indicator Surveys, the implementation and the delivery technical support in the following areas: Epe, Ikorodu and OshodI-Isolo.
Idris explained that the number was discovered after performing a test for pregnant women during their visit to state-owned medical facilities.

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 "At least 38,791 pregnant women know their HIV status, of which about 2,131 (HIV-positive pregnant women) have been enrolled in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission program.

"By the end of 2017, support from the Global Fund has provided a minimum of 226,768 people aged 15 and over with a free trial,” he stated.
After the test, the Commissioner stated that 10,623 people living with HIV were found and placed on treatment in the three councils.

However, he stated that plans had been made to establish a biocontainment and biosafety laboratory, BSL, in Lagos state: "This will enable accurate and timely diagnosis of highly pathogenic infectious diseases and environmental toxicity incidents. in the state "
Idris explained that the bio-containment and biosafety laboratory would be located in the Lagos Mainland Hospital, Yaba Lagos, with the task of preventing the Ebola virus and other dreaded diseases.

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He said the facility, which was funded with support from Canada's Global Partnership Program (GPP), was a failure to control the Ebola epidemic in 2004.
According to Idris, the bio-samples would be stored in the Biobank of the Laboratory for Medical Research and International Collaboration for Research and Discovery.

He has already indicated that the Ministry has partnered with the Global Consortium on Emerging Diseases to train public servants in biosafety, biobanking, biosafety and biocontainment, while construction of the laboratory will be completed by the end of June this year for a possible takeoff in July.

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