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Nigeria Super Eagles Have 0.3% Chance Of Winning The 2018 World Cup— UBS

According to UBS, an investment banking and financial services company, Nigeria are the 18th likeliest team to win the world Cup in Russia with 0.3% chance.

Image credit: The Guardian

The Super Eagles, according to the report, stand the best chance among the African teams to win the world Cup with Senegal (21 0.2%), Morocco (26 0.1), Egypt (28 0.0) and Tunisia (29 0.0).

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 Egypt having low chances is surprising considering the form of Liverpool forward, Mohamed Salah, the AFP player of the year, is the most important player of Egypt, which are a defensively solid side.

 Germany, Brazil and Spain have the highest risk gain, according to the simulation carried out by Switzerland multinational company. Simulation based on the indicators reliable 'including ELO rankings, ease of qualification and the level of success in previous tournaments. The report says ELO note as an objective measure of the team force which considers how well a team played in the past, the importance of victories and force opponents to reach a number of points.

Nigeria won diploma for the world Cup before the last game against Algeria, which was ultimately confiscated. The Super Eagles blitzed through the group that has been considered the group of death in Africa qualification region

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