How to Make Money Online From Your Blog

One benefits of blogging is the fact that when done properly, you can make money online from your blog.

Sadly, this has been the force driving most persons to become bloggers, and they end up failing. Why do situations like these occur? Because of the claims on the internet that to make money from your blog is easy.

If this is your motive for opening a blog, i think by now you must have found out the bitter truth; that to make money from your blog is not as easy as they say. It takes time and consistence.

But this doesn’t mean that it is not possible. It is. And the fact is that you can actually make cool cash from blogging, when done right. So what do you need to know before proceeding to monetize or make money online from your blog?

First you must own a well designed blog. Check out my complete tutorial on how to set up a blog.

Secondly, you’ll need to have enough traffic. By traffic, I mean visitors. You’ll need to have good number of persons visiting your blog if you want to make good money from it.
Does it matter?
Well it does. Just imagine running a fast food restaurant with just two customers daily.. 😀😄.. Hope you understand me now.

 So how can I make money online from my blog?

There are a lot of ways to make money online from your blog.

First, through advertising programs.

Advertising programs allow interested and eligible users to add a code to their blog, which in turn allows the advertising program to display ads on the blog. When visitors click the ads, the advertising program pays the blog owner the percentage charged for the ad shown.

The ads can be in text format, image, video or in form of interactive media. Most advertising programs make use of the cost per click (CPC) action, which means that you’ll get a percentage when an ad is clicked, and a cost per impression (CPI) action meaning that you’ll get paid per the fixed amount of persons viewing the ad displayed.

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The most common CPI action is  cost per thousand impressions (CPM), meaning you’ll get a percentage when 1000 persons view an ad displayed. This is why having enough blog traffic is important.

Presently the most popular advertising program is Google AdSense with more than 11 million users. AdSense uses both the CPC action and the CPM action to pay users.

How to apply for AdSense?

Visits and sign up. Fill in the details correctly and paste the verification code in your blog’s html header. Click done. Then you’ll get a message that your blog is being reviewed.

If your blog’s eligible, you’ll get approved within days. Then you can place ads on strategic locations on your blog. If your blog is not approved, AdSense will send a message to your email stating the reason for the disapproval. You can work on those reasons and apply again. Read an extensive article on how to get approved by AdSense

Another way to make money online from your blog is through affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you earn by advertising  other people’s or company’s products or services through banners or links. When someone purchases these products or services from your link, the company pays you a percentage of the profit made from the sale of product or service. Affiliate Companies include Amazon associates, Jumia Affiliate.

 Things you need to know about before going into affiliate marketing.

First, I’ll recommend you’ll go for a product or service related to what you blog about. For example, if you are blogging about weight loss tips, look for affiliate companies offering good weight loss products. This would be beneficial to your sales because persons visiting your blog are there for anything relating to weight loss. They will be more interested in weight loss products that moment than any other products.

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Secondly, go for reputable companies offering trusted products or services This is very important because no one would want to spend a dime on something that won’t give them the desirable results. So do extensive research, find out what persons who have used the products or services have to say about it’s performance. Better still purchase it yourself, just to be sure of it.

Thirdly, write a review on the product or service. Not just any review, but a honest review. Do not hide anything relating to the product or service. State the advantages as well as the disadvantages or side effects you encountered during your research or personal usage. This will make your visitors trust you immensely, and when you recommend a particular product or service, they would hesitate to check it out, because they know you won’t lie to them for some cash. This will increase sales.

Another good way you can make money from your blog by selling an eBook.

What is an eBook?

An eBook or electronic book is simply a book in digital format. With the help of tools, you can write a book and make it available for download for a price.

    What are some of the things you can write about on an eBook?

You can publish ebooks on topics, you know a lot about. You can write about anything. Be it weight loss tips, blogging, making money online, social media tutorials e.t.c.

   How can I create an eBook?

Simple. After selecting a very good topic, choosing an intriguing title, designing a good cover page, write with tools such as Microsoft Word or PC users or WPS Office for mobile users. After writing, convert the file to PDF format since PDF files can be opened by all eBook reader apps.

Host the file on your site or on other free hosting companies such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Generate share links and add them to your desired blog page. Do not forget to do a thorough check on what you’ve written. If possible, get someone to proofread the ebook.

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How can I get payments?

A popular payment option is through PayPal. Creating a PayPal account is very easy. Just sign up with your email. Fill your profile and connect your bank account to your PayPal account via your ATM card number.
To create a PayPal button to your account, follow these steps;

Go to PayPal Payment Buttons. Select a button type to create.
Use the “Buy Now” button because it is great for a great choice your blog since you are selling just one item. Enter your ebook name name and the price you want to sell the blog. Then click thr “Create Button.” Copy and paste the button code to the part of your blog page you want it to appear.

However, if your country is not eligible to receive payments via PayPal, you can use alternatives such as Payoneer.

Do you also know that you can sell your services through your blog? That is another way to make money online.

What are some of the services I can sell online on my blog?

Graphics design,
Website creation, and other programming skills.
Online courses
SEO services
Online courses and tutorials.

You can also sell your own products on your blog. This requires the right setup most especially on the shipping process. If you are into mini importation, your blog can serve as a medium for you to reach out for more customers. Check out my extensive tutorial on how to start up a mini importation business with as low as $50.

That’s all for now. If you’ve tried other methods to make money online from your blog, please share so others can also learn a thing or two from you. Please free to drop your comments.

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