How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

One of the benefits of blogging is that you can make money from your blog when done properly. There are many ways in which you can actually make money from your blog as discussed in one of my previous posts. However, this tutorial centers on Google AdSense advertising programs, which is the most popular online advertising program in the world, which makes getting Google AdSense approval very complicated.

During this course of this article, you’ll get answers to questions about Google AdSense such as;

What is Google AdSense?

How Good Is Google AdSense?

How Can I Get A Google AdSense Account?

Why Did Google AdSense Reject My Blog, And How Can I Get Google AdSense Approval

How Can I Make Ads Show On My Blog After Being Approved?

How Can I Boost My Google AdSense Earnings.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program owned by Google that allows approved publishers to receive ads in from of text, image, or video. These ads are Google’s means of generating revenue from advertisers, and in turn, shares a percentage of the generated revenue to the publishers on a pay-per-click or cost per impression (CPI) basics.

Pay-per click or PPC ( also known as CPC) is one method in which publishers get paid. When a viewer clicks an ad on your blog or website, you’ll get paid per each click.

Cost Per impression or CPM ( Cost per thousand impressions) is another method. You earn when someone views an ad displayed on your blog (CPI), and per every one thousand views (CPM).

The amount you make per each click varies. This is because a lot of factors influence your earnings. For example; , your traffic location.

How does traffic location affect your AdSense earnings?

By traffic, mean viewers. The location from which a viewer clicks an ad displayed on your blog can affect your earnings. Countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Canada are known for their high CPC, while countries such as India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe are known to generate very low CPC. You can get as much as $7 to 50 per click from a viewer in the US, while a click from India can get you as low as $0.001 to $0.1. Imagine the difference.

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Keywords ranked on your blog can also afffect your earnings.

How do keywords affect my AdSense earnings?

Well, most advertisers create ads based on keyword research. So they tend to pay less for keywords that are not ranking; keywords with little or no average monthly searches. So if your blog is ranking on a low bidding keyword, you’ll be served ads with low PPC.

The type of traffic you get on your blog can also affect your AdSense earnings.

Basically, organic traffic is very healthy for your blog. Organic traffic means viewers that visit your through search engines, and this boosts your blog’s authority. Also, since viewers see your blog on search engines through keywords search, ads served on your blog by AdSense will be based on those keywords, thereby increasing the chances of getting more clicks.
Also, organic traffic brings real humans to your blog, unlike some paid traffic in which you’ll get clicks from other sources such as automated machines. You’ll only get impressions through this method not clicks.

How good is Google AdSense?

As I said earlier, Google AdSense is the most popular online advertising program in the internet. Since it began its operations in 2003, AdSense is no scam. Presently, over 11 million websites use AdSense.

How can i sign up for AdSense?

Visit and sign up with your gmail account. Fill in the correct details and add the given verification code to your blog’s source code.

Project-12 How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

If you are using blogger platform, simply go to your theme editor and place the AdSense code under the <head> tag and save.

If you are running your blog on WordPress, log in to your admin dashboard. Under appearance, click editor.

Select your current theme from the drop down. On the right side on the screen on the editor page, look for Theme header (header php).

Project-12 How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

Search for the <head> tag and place your code right under it. Save the code.

Project-12 How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

Alternatively, you can install the Insert Headers And Footers plugin. Once activated, you can find the plugin menu under your dashboard settings>insert headers and footers. The AdSense verification code should go to the headers section. Then save the code.

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On the AdSense page, click done. Then your site will be reviewed by Google AdSense. It may take less than 3 days. But in some cases, it may take longer.

Note that your verification code needs to stay in your blog even after you get approved.

If AdSense does not approve your blog, you’ll receive an email stating the reason why your blog was not approved. Lets discuss little on this.

Why was my blog not approved by AdSense, and how can I get Google AdSense approval?

Design of your Site/Blog

The design of your blog can affect your AdSense approval. If your site is poorly designed, visitors would find it difficult to read content on your blog. For example, if you have a dark blue background with black writing, that’s weird. AdSense may reject your approval.

Difficult site navigation.

AdSense finds it difficult to approve sites with broken links, excessive pop ups, redirects to unwanted websites, etc.

Insufficient content.

A blog with little or content is hardly approved by AdSense. Also do not sign up for AdSense when your blog is still under construction. You’ll never get approved

Content quality issues

Copied content is prohibited by AdSense. Your blog must have original content. If you have copied content on you blog, please delete them and create new posts with unique and relevant content.

Unsupported language

If majority of the content in your site is written in a language not accepted by AdSense, and your blog will not get approved. Check out the list of languages accepted by Google AdSense.

Content policy violations

If your blog’s content is in violation of AdSense polices then you’ll never get an approval from AdSense. Prohibited contents include;

Hacking tutorials/software cracking
Online sales of alcoholic beverages
Sales of prescription drugs, etc.
Read the full list of AdSense program polices before applying for AdSense.

Note that AdSense does not approve blogs with subdomain names easily. By subdomain name, I mean URL ending with or
If you have not purchased a domain name, do so before reapplying for AdSense.
Rework on your blog based on the disapproval message you received, and try applying again. Your blog may get an approval upon your next try.

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How can i make ads show on my blog after being approved?

Login to your AdSense dashboard. On the left menu click on my ads>ad unit.
Then create a new ad unit.

Project-12 How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

You can choose the type of ads you want to be displayed on your blog and the size of the ad. Also some custom edits can be done on your ad unit.
After saving your ad unit, you’ll be given an ad code.

Project-12 How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

To save this code on blogger, go to layout, click on add a gadget on the desired position.

Project-12 How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

Create html/JavaScript gadget, the paste the copied code in the gadget and save.

Project-12 How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast

For WordPress users, go to appearance> widgets. Choose text widget and drag to the desired position. Switch to the text tab and paste your copied code and save.

Alternatively, you can turn on auto Ads on your Google AdSense dashboard. This will enable automatic ad placements on your blog. Just choose the type of Ads you need, and copy the given code. Follow the instructions on the previous paragraph on how to place the code.

How can i boost my adsense earnings?

Here are some tips that can help.

When creating an ad unit, it is better to use text and display ads. These ads capture the attention of readers effectively.

Also, use maroon red as your ad title colour. You can do this through custom edits when creating the ad unit. Why red?
Research has shown that the human eye focuses best on red light. This means that red colour attract the eye more than others. Hex code for maroon red is #800000.

Another way to increase AdSense earnings is by placing ads inside your posts. See how to do this easily on WordPress and on blogger.

With your efforts you can really earn from AdSense. However there are other ways to make money from your blog. Study these methods extensively, so you can make more money from your blog.

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