Best Web Hosting Services For WordPress Blog

When thinking of setting up a professional WordPress blog or website, one of the things you need to consider is choosing a good web hosting company.

What is a web hosting service?

Web hosting services help house your blog’s content. You can think it as a your blog’s warehouse or store. When choosing a web hosting service, the following features we need to look at for include speed, uptime, and for those with looking to start up with a low budget, a hosting package that is not just efficient, but also affordable.

Why are these features important?

Let’s talk about speed of your web hosting service

Your blog’s loading speed is affects your bounce rate.

What is a bounce rate?

Bounce rate refers to the rate at which your visitors leave your blog after visiting just one page. They do nothing on the page; no clicks, no accessing the menu or other pages or posts. They just leave immediately after they visit.

Now, how does speed affect this? Visitors run away from sites with slow loading. Secondly, Google kills the search ranking of blogs with slow loading, and this can affects the site’s traffic.
Having a blog that loads fast encourages visitors to access other areas of the blog.

Next in line for discussion is your blog’s uptime.

What do we understand the term uptime to be?

Uptime simply means the percentage of time a web hosting company is available, or online.

Nothing sabotages your online reputation faster than having your website being unreachable for your potential visitors.

Your visitors expects your website to stay operational around the clock. When your website is down, it hurts the trust of your audience, and they see that your website is unreliable. This affects your traffic. Visitors will view your blog as childish and unprofessional.

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If your blog is an e-commerce blog,
downtime costs you sales and revenue
Website downtime directly translates into lost sales and revenue. Your customers won’t be able to purchase your products as long as the downtime lasts.

Having frequent downtimes can also affect your website SEO negatively.

When you have frequent downtimes, Google sees that your website is unreliable. Obviously, they don’t want to send users to a website that is unreliable because it provides their users a bad experience.

If you experience frequent downtime ( the opposite of uptime), then it’s time to switch over to a reliable web hosting provider.

So how do I know which web hosting company to purchase a service from for my blog?

What is the best web hosting service?

Check out an extensive review of top web hosting service providers, their features and prices.


Bluehost web hosting review

Bluehost is my first choice when it comes to web hosting. Since it began operations in 2005, Bluehost presently has more than 2 million websites making use of their hosting services.

What makes Bluehost special?

  1. Bluehost boasts of the best uptime. We’ve talked about the importance of uptime previously. Amazingly, Bluehost has 99.99% uptime.
  2. 24/7 customer support.

To me, nothing is more frustrating than dealing with a company with lazy or no customer service system. When faced with challenges, you’re on your own, confused and kinda frustrated.

images Best Web Hosting Services For WordPress Blog
That feeling, when your web hosting customer support agents are lazy, even to reply.

Not with Bluehost. With Bluehost you are covered. Bluehost has fast customer support, which includes a live chat and phone. What more can you expect from a web hosting company?

  1. Bluehost has super fast servers, with an average load time of 410ms (millisecond).
  2. Bluehost has a 30-day money back guarantee. This means that you can request for your money within 30 days of purchase if you are dissatisfied with their service.
  3. Bluehost packages comes with a one click WordPress install, free SSL certificate, and a free domain name.
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Bluehost is awesome. Their starting price for a 3-year plan is $2.75/month, after which you can renew at their regular price.

However the down side of Bluehost is this;
To migrate an existing website to Bluehost is not free. Bluehost will charge you $145 for one website migration.

Check out Bluehost discounted offers


Hostgator web hosting review

Founded in 2002, Hostgator ranks among the best web hosting companies. Presently, about 8 million domains are hosted on this company’s servers.

Awesome features of Hostgator hosting service

  1. Good uptime
    Hostgator claims to have 99.99% uptime. However few reports of downtime from customers places Hostgator uptime at 99.98% which is still awesome. With Hostgator, you rarely experience downtime on your website.

2 Speed. Rated at 430ms.

3 Effective customer support.
With over 850 employees, Hostgator customer service ranks among the best.

All hostgator plans comes with SSL, easy installation of up to 52 different scripts, and unlike Bluehost, free website transfer.
The cheapest hosting package of Hostgator starts at $2.75/month for a 3-year plan, then renews at $6.95/month. That’s really expensive for those with low budget. Apart from this, Hostgator is awesome.

Visit their official website for special discounts

Hostinger web hosting review
Hostinger was founded in 2004, and presently is among the best web hosting companies in the world. Boosting of having an average of 10,000 new user sign ups every day, Hostinger now has an average of 29 million users.

Hostinger web hosting package features

Fast load time. (Average of 320ms)

Good Uptime (99.91%)

Cheap Hosting.

Hostinger cheapest hosting package costs 0.80/month for a 4-year plan. However it renews at $7.99/ month, and comes without a free domain name and SSL package.

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Like Bluehost, Hostinger also has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Visit Hostinger hosting official website.


SiteGround web hosting review

Having about 2 million domains hosted on their servers, SiteGround ranks among the top 5 best web hosting companies in the world. With a free and smooth website transfer, free SSL certificate, SiteGround gives you a valid reason to browse through its packages.

The cheapest web hosting package of SiteGround comes with a 10GB storage, free daily backups, and free email accounts for a special price of $3.95/month.

This package renews at $11.95/month which may be a setback for those with low budget, because you can get better features for a lower price from other top web hosting companies.

Check out SiteGround hosting official website.


A2Hosting review

Founded in 2001, A2Hosting is my fifth choice in choosing a web hosting service. A2Hosting web hosting uses turbo servers, which gives you load time of an average of 392ms. Their cheapest package of $3.92/month (discounted, renews at 7.99/month) comes with a free website transfer. You can get up to 51% discount using this link.

Other top web hosting companies include:

Site5 $6.95/month

Visit Site5 official website

iPage $1.99/month

Visit iPage official website

Dreamhost $2.59/month

Visit DreamHost official website

InMotion Hosting $7.65/month

Visit InMotion Hosting official website

Godaddy Hosting (Special offer available. $1/month). Click to visit Godaddy and use this offer while it lasts.

GreenGeeks $2.95/month

Visit GreenGeeks official website

Have any reviews on these companies? Please share briefly via the comment box to enlighten others. Also, if there are other good website hosting companies you have hosted with, drop your comments so i can do an extensive research and write a review about them.

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