How to Get Blog Ideas When Starting Up A Blog

Are you thinking of starting a blog, but do not know what to blog about? Well, there are numerous blog ideas available for starting up your blog or website.

But before we list out blog ideas to choose from, there is something we need to discuss briefly. Knowing this will guide you in choosing a topic that will serve as a source of fuel in your blogging career.

What should i know before choosing a niche or some blog ideas?

When choosing a blog idea, you need to know what you’re passionate about.
What topics or activities arouses your interest anytime it’s being mentioned?
You need to have passion for a topic you’re blogging about.

Why is this important in choosing blog ideas?

Well, to become a successful blogger, you will have post frequently and also update previous posts.

Now, when you are blogging about what you love, you will never get tired easily or run out of what to write concerning that stuff you love.

So how can i get blog ideas as a beginner in starting up a blog?

Finding a good niche to create a website can be very successful because all your visitors will be people who want to know about that particular subject.

Check out some blog ideas in 2019

Earn extra income

Searches on how to make extra income, make money online, or work from home, are becoming popular nowadays on the internet. You can get some blog ideas in this area. Research on ways to make money online, products and services that can generate extra income, and work-from-home jobs.

Affiliate Marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you earn by advertising other people’s or company’s products or services through banners or links. When someone purchases these products or services from your link, the company pays you a percentage of the profit made from the sale of product or service.

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You can review products on affiliate program, and put a link or banner to the product reviewed. There are a lot of product options and categories in most affiliate sites like Amazon. While other affiliate programs like BlueHost web hosting offer specific niche services.

How-To Topics

Provide useful information on stuff or topics you know well. For example you can give detailed instructions on how to care for hair, cook, household maintenance ,mini importation, e.t.c. There are persons out there looking for such information.

Online Marketing

If you have good marketing skills, you can venture into online marketing business with just a little website knowledge. With time, you’ll become a professional if you’re hardworking and consistent.

DIY Topics

Do-It-Yourself topics are always trending. They never get old. What are you very good at? Are you good at writing, gaming, sewing, or constructing tech stuff? Then Do-It-Yourself (DIY) topics is an option for you among numerous blog ideas. Try and make your presentation very easy to understand. This will make visitors troop in your blog.

Learn A New Language.

Learning a new language online is popular among web searches. Most persons prefer to learn a language online because it can be done from home, when it is convenient for them.

Online Tutoring

Creating a website for online tutoring falls among the list of blog ideas to choose from. If you are a senior student or a teacher, you can make money from this idea, by sharing your knowledge with people.

Topics Relating To Religion

If you are a religious person, you can create a website or blog for your Church, or to share religious beliefs and customs. You can also create a community online so people of the same religious interest.

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Wedding Items For Rent

You can create a website where visitors can rent wedding items including, wedding dresses, wedding jewelry, shoes, bags, e.t.c. If you do not have enough stuff to rent out, you can set up your website to connect users, so users can also place their items for rent.

Sell Fitness Equipments And Gadgets

If you are a fitness enthusiast and are familiar with equipments, you can sell gadgets such as smart bands and fitness trackers. Smart bands are becoming popular today, and you can sell these through your website.

Second-hand Products

Selling of old items is still on trend. You can take advantage of this. You can create a website like Craigslist for buying and selling of old products such as books, automobiles, electronics, e.t.c.


For example, if you love camping, then a specialized niche could be a website in the perfect tent camps, what you should bring on a camping trip for walks and how to handle emergency situations. You can also create a travel blog.

Arts And Craft

if you are good at making artworks from wood, bronze, or clay, you can create a website and showcase your handiwork for sale to those interested. You can make money from this means.

Online Ticket Booking Website

Creating a website for online ticket booking is also among numerous blog ideas you can choose from. You can add features that allow users to check if a particular event ticket is available and to book for tickets online for movies, shows, events, sports e.t.c.

Call For Repairs

If you are good at technical stuff or have some construction skills, you can create a website or mobile app so you can get calls for repairs or maintenance in your vicinity. Popular skills include plumbing, electrical and carpentry.

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A day without laughter is a day wasted. This is why blog ideas on related to humor still trends, be it video clips, animations, comics, stories, jokes, images e.t.c. If you are good at making people laugh, why not make good use of that talent?

Interactive Forum

You can start up a forum on topics you love to talk about. Reach out to other people who share your interest and get their opinions. With hardwork and consistence, you can successfully build a well known interactive forum.


You can write about movies, tv shows episodes, season finale predictions and, reviews.

Investment Consultant

If you have some knowledge on currencies, including cryptocurrencies, then you can start up your consultation services through your website.

Self-help Sites

Websites that serve as self-help sites are also great. You can help people through issues relating to dieting, fitness, divorce, relationships, parenting, home management, e.t.c.


Health-related blog ideas include;

Diseases symptoms and causes
Tips for healthy living
Food supplements review, e.t.c.

These are some blog ideas for beginners. You can share others through comments. Although there may be top blogs or websites already into your preferred blog ideas, know that you can start up your own blog and make a difference. Be innovative. Think of ways to stand out.

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