About This Blog

Africa’s Blogging Journal is a personal blog with extensive details on blogging tips, and tutorials on how to make money online.

It provides you with timeless information on how to set up a blog. Get info of how to monetize your blog properly. And instead of going through the stress of buying an AdSense account as some do, learn how you can get your own approved AdSense account.
And if your blog contains content prohibited by AdSense, get reviews on best alternatives to Google AdSense.

Have you been frustrated trying to search the web for ways to earn online either as a student or someone who wants to make additional income?

Or Have you ever dreamed of being an importer, only to wake up when you get to the part where it involves thousands of dollars?

Well, your dream can be a reality. We are here to provide you with the tutorial and tools needed on how to become a mini importer, with a capital of $50 dollars. You’d be surprised. Get complete tutorials on these topics.

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